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Whistle Blower


CIMA Group is fully committed to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, honesty, accountability, and ethical behaviour in the conduct of its business and operations. Therefore, it is important that we are aware of all compliance violations especially those that are against the law or violate our ethical business principles.

CIMA Group Whistle-blower Policy is formulated to build a culture of integrity, openness and accountability by affording a channel for employees, business partners and members of the public to disclose any wrongdoings or instances of unethical behaviour, improper conduct, actual or suspected fraud and/or abuse within CIMA Group – in good faith, without fear of reprisal.

Please be assured that your ethical concerns will be investigated according to established procedures. Your support will help us to live up to our aspirations of being a responsible business partner.

Whistle Blower

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